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A Nibbleze net can be used safely from the ground upwards! 

If you were like me, looking to use a small holed haynet to prolong eating time AND use it safely on the floor for your unshod/unbooted horses and ponies or to use hung up in a regular way with a knotless mesh then you have landed in the right place. 

That’s what I wanted but there wasn’t a haynet available that has been specifically designed with trials to be used safely at low level or on the floor...


There are currently 3 sizes available that have been designed to be used on the floor and hung at low, medium or high level. The sizes are named after my own 3 horses:

  -  Chilli is the small, holding roughly 4kg/9lbs of dry hay

  -  Picolo is the medium holding roughly 5.5kg/12lbs of dry hay

  -  Toby which is the large, holding roughly 7.3kg/16lbs of dry hay

Each haynet is designed in the UK

Nibbleze made in UK

***Limited Edition***

Brighten up your horses stable/trailer/lorry with this limited edition Rainbow bundle.

Available in 3 Sizes, Chilli 4kg/9lbs, Picolo 5.5kg/12lbs & Toby Toby 7.3kg/16lbs

1 Rainbow 45mm knotless mesh haynet . 1 Green or Blue 25mm Knotless mesh haynet 1 Rainbow Nibnet, Great in the stable for a salt lick or in transport for a soaked hay block. 1 Unicorn bag for life

The Rainbow bundle is 10% cheaper than each item bought individually.

Nibbleze Pearl Megaeze slow feeding haynet track system paddock paradise

💥💥The Mega’eze Nets 💥💥

£45.99 Available in Blue or Black.

Red 25mm Chilli trickle slow feeding Nibbleze haynet


25mm/2.5cm Knotless Mesh, Small Holed Haynet Approx 4kg/9lbs.

Slow feeder nibbleze net


25mm/2.5cm Knotless Mesh, Small Holed Haynet Approx 5.5kg/12lbs

Nibbleze trickle feeding hay feeding pillow  Toby 25mm Red Chilli


25mm/2.5cm Knotless Mesh Small Holed Haynet Approx 7.3kg/16lbs.


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